Use Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture, cabinets and other items painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Chalk Paint® Wax emphasizes depth of color and gives a beautiful soft, smooth, matte finish. It can alternatively be buffed to a high sheen. It is water-repellent too, so it can be used on dining room tables and kitchen cabinets.

Chalk Paint Wax – Clear

  • Applying Chalk Paint® Wax

    Chalk Paint® Wax is the perfect complement for Chalk Paint® paint. In fact, we’d say it’s an essential partner! It adds durability, deepens the colours and gives a very slight sheen. It’s really easy to get sensational results – just use a cotton rag, or your Chalk Paint® Wax Brush, to get it into corners and crevices.

    As a very rough guide, you will need one 500ml tin of wax for every 3-4 litres of paint – of course, this will vary depending on how many coats of paint or wax you use to cover a piece. And it's always best to have a little wax left over for touching up. With the lid tightly on, it will last indefinitely.

    ● When you apply the wax, ‘push’ it into your Chalk Paint® for the best results. Think hand cream – and apply it in the same way! Remove excess wax with a clean cloth. Don’t buff yet - leave the wax to dry for 24 hours before buffing with a clean lint free cloth, or leave as it is for a matt effect.

    ● Less is more, so there’s no need to apply wax too thickly. The wax will feel touch-dry immediately after you’ve applied it.

    ● Work small areas at a time, so the wax doesn’t dry before you get to work it in.

  • Made with a combination of natural carnauba and beeswax, the wax is the consistency of a soft margarine so it is easy to apply. It is completely colorless and has little odor. Chalk Paint® Wax is not suitable for outdoor use. Use Chalk Paint® Lacquer alternatively for use outdoors. After care: wipe clean with a damp cloth. For tough marks, use a proprietary spray cleaner and rewax where necessary.

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